Massachusetts Career Information System (MassCIS)
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The Massachusetts Career Information System (MassCIS) is the Commonwealth's career information delivery system (CIDS). The Division of Career Services (DCS) provides MassCIS free on-line to all Massachusetts residents.

MassCIS is an Internet-based interactive system that combines a wealth of occupational, labor market, and educational information into one comprehensive, easy-to-use- career exploration tool. MassCIS is designed to be an invaluable tool for career and school counselors, job seekers, students and educators.

Our aim is to help Bay Staters become aware of work and educational options, connect education and work, and make successful career decisions and transitions throughout their lives.

Our URL is The DCS pays a license fee to the University of Oregon to use MassCIS; which means that we must use a simple registration procedure to try to limit its use to Massachusetts residents. To access MassCIS, Career Center personnel and your clients should use the Career Center User Name and Password. If you have set up a portfolio, enter your user name and password. Other users need just to match your city or town to the correct Zip code, and select the user category that best describes you.